2021-2022 Steering Committee

  • Bill Amundsen 

  • Marsialle Arbuckle Sr.
Marsialle Arbuckle is the founder and Executive Director of The Center For Urban Youth & Family Development in the Detroit area. The Center seeks to effect positive change in individuals and families through mentoring and the encouragement of academic and skills development, offering programs in workforce development skills, substance abuse prevention, semi-independent-living, health management, suicide prevention, and community activism.
  • Marie Hansen

Marie Hansen has worked in alcohol prevention and education for thirty years including managing the alcohol education program at Michigan State for fifteen years and coordinating Prevention Network’s outreach to Michigan colleges and universities from 2000 to 2008.  She has her Master’s degree from Colorado State University and while working for Prevention Network she held a Prevention Consultant certification. 

  • Nancy Morrison 
Nancy Morrison is the Executive Director of the Troy Community Coalition for the Prevention of Drug & Alcohol Abuse.  She has been working in the prevention field since 2000.  Prior to getting into the prevention field, Nancy counseled individuals with substance abuse issues.
  • Lisa Peeples-Hurst
          Lisa has almost twenty years of experience in Substance Use Disorder prevention and is
           currently the Public Health Promotion & Prevention Supervisor at the Berrien County  
           Health Department.  She is the former Co-Chair and current member of the Michigan
           Prevention Association (MPA) and a nineteen year member of the Michigan Coalition to
           Reduce Underage Drinking (MCRUD). Lisa is the Berrien County Alcohol vendor
           Compliance Coordinator and in this role she coordinates decoy operations, conducts
           alcohol vendor education for over 400 alcohol licensees and provides TIPS Responsible
           Server training.  Lisa is a passionate and vocal advocate for issues addressing the
           reduction of underage drinking.

  • Mike Tobias 
Mike is a husband, father, and grandpa, who in addition to spending time with family, enjoys fishing, reading, walking, and playing chess. He is employed with Prevention Network (PN) and his primary roles at PN include coordinator for the Michigan Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and chair of the policy work group for the Ingham Substance Awareness and Prevention Coalition.